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Will attempts to reproduce the ‘magic’ of the reveal a photographic print in developing fluid. His practice is a reaction to how we look at, see and remember things. Whether it be through a camera, a camera phone, a window, or attacking the more intricate elements of sight science and neuroscience, the aim is to assess the tools we use to capture a moment.



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Will has always been fascinated by the immediacy of the photographic process. The concept of the photographic reveal, classically associated with the dark room, film and photography, is transferred to other mediums through his practice. Focusing on notions of emergence and reflection, Will gives the power of finality to his viewer. It is in the very action of viewing that the audience renders the work complete. His ultimate goal is, through his own research, to create work that does not require reciprocal artistic knowledge in the viewer. It is the audience that completes the artist’s work: the very experience of the optical effect they create provides their intension.



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At the core of Will’s practice is the contrast between the control he wages over his variables and his integral inability to predict the final outcome. The optical effect created in his work is founded on this paradoxical process: using vinyl tape to create the patterns allows him to reveal the finished work in one single moment. The painting transforms from incomplete to finalised almost instantaneously, where process aligns with concept.



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At college, the artist spent a lot of time in a dark room experimenting with film and photography. Since graduating, he has pushed these methods outside the boundaries of the medium. His series of paintings ‘Views’, for example, focuses on decisive moments where the coincidental alignment of forms creates a temporary composition. The works are a reaction to the intrinsic human quality of voyeurism: looking through things, be that a window, door or camera, to witness that which occurs around us. The series represents a documentation of alternative view-finders and the perspectives created.



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Will is currently focusing his work the development of his moiré series. The moiré effect is a visual perception/illusion that occurs when looking at a set of lines superimposed on another. Playing with the boundaries between painting and sculpture, Will has extended his practice from painted work to sculpture. The 3D works further test the perception and viewpoint of the viewer: being able to observe the work from multiple angles, walking around and rocking the sculptures on their axis, the optical illusions created are further accentuated.



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The strong visual impact of Will’s works renders him a perfect fit for innovative collaborations. In alignment with upcoming projects, Will is working on a larger scale. The amalgamation of canvas and sculptural works will enable the artist to create incorporative, immersive scenarios, rooms in which his art can most effectively carry out its desired purpose.




Born 1992 in London. Lives and works in London.



2016 || Hyperion | MTArt, Frieze New York

2015 || Artrooms | London 

2015 || Institute of Contemporary Art, on behalf of MTArt

2015 || The Royal Academy of Art

2015 || The British Film Institute

2015 || Queens College Art Fair, Cambridge

2015 || Candid Art Gallery



2016 || Shortlisted for the International Emerging Artist Award

2014 || Shortlisted for 2014 BLOOOM award by WARSTEINER



DATE || The Germ, Eryngium Maritimum