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Konvalina seeks to recreate a visual snapshot of a particular dance in his works. He uses a lot of colourful layers to create his painted choreographies and each layer creates a specific optical movement within the work itself. A ballet dancer in his previous life, the artist expects his works to be a ballet of colours.



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For the artist, it is vital to depict movements in his works. Konvalina spent the first ten years of his career as a ballet dancer and the choreographies of his previous career can be found in his works. One of the goals is to create engagement not only through sensory experiences but also through evoking a movement within the viewer, making them move and shift as the painting unveils itself from one side to the other becoming more intense to its audience. The colours used in paintings often reflect the time of creation. In a world when most colours are digitalized, this a tribute to the true colours of our routine.



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The artist uses an abstract language with the goal to evoke a feeling, thought or state in the viewer without figurative distractions and associations.
The essence of dance is to evoke emotions and make people reach into their subconscious. The artist is looking to create similar experiences through painting.



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His works have been included in group exhibitions in London, Toronto, Montreal and Houston. Before fully devoting himself to a painting practice, Konvalina accomplished a distinguished career as a ballet artist, performing and working around the world in America, Asia and Europe and winning numerous awards for his artistic achievements such as the Rolex Award Toronto 2008 and National Dance Award in UK in 2012.
2017 - “Drop” - Set design for choreographic lab, Deutche Oper, Berlin, Germany 2016 - “New works” - Group show, Hatch House, Somerset, UK
2015 - “It’s Ok To Come In” - Group show Ealing, London, UK
2015 - “All possible realities Exist” - Group show Ealing, London, UK
2010 - “Impermanence” - Set design, Maggio Musicale, Florence, Italy
2010 - “ e Landscape” - Collaborative exhibition, Four Seasons Performing Arts Centre, Toronto, Canada 2005 - “Art Digest”- Group show, Montreal, Canada
2003 - “New Paintings” - Solo show, Houston, TX



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Konvalina’s is fascinated by how much we are influenced by our interactions with digital media and how we mainly encounter images that are predominantly shaped by the internet. Colours today are digitalised, manipulated and photoshopped. His current body of work “Displays” is his reaction against the digital lifestyle in favour of a true experience of senses, coloiurs and movements.



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An exhibition and project with The Art Gallery of Guelph and the Guelph Symphony in Canada in November 2017.