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David Servan-Schreiber's portrait

David aiu Servan-Schreiber traces his journey to faith through his observation of the planets. Symbols of Christian Orthodox iconology, astrolatry and alchemy combine in his art to express and give meaning to that which even contemporary science cannot justify or explain.



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David was born into a world where the Internet did not yet exist in people’s homes. Today, in a contemporary climate where digital progress and communication has saturated our daily lives, the artist turns to the introspective task of retracing his own, personal path to understanding. Stating his belief in faith but not religion, David interprets planets as heavenly bodies or deities: at once highly physical in their visibility and solidity and intangible in their distance, and mystery.



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Through his art, David is able to transform this personal journey to a universal one. Taking form in his ‘planet’ series, the artist’s unique perspective is expressed in the poetic, curvilinear and textured representation of various planets in gold leaf. This method, with the materials and technique holding connotations of value and veneration, expresses David’s consideration of the planets as precious. His work is designed to express this sentiment to the public, encouraging us to treat our own planet with respect and touching on notions including climate change and sustainability. In a time of constant, uncontainable change the artist turns to the consideration and depiction of the planets for grounding and perspective.



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Before embarking on the ‘planet’ series, David completed a series entitled ‘alphabet’. Based on the visual and graphical interpretation of the alphabet rather than an ordering of its letters, the works present his own personal expression of language and calligraphy.



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David is currently working on the expansion and extension of his ‘planet’ series.



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Upcoming projects concentrate on the wider issues covered by the ‘planet’ series. These include the consideration and impact on the attitude of the general public regarding religion and climate change. A new partnering of concepts that encourages a progressive, forward-thinking perspective and call to action.