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Alexandra Lethbridge's portrait

Found photographs, archival imagery and constructed images of her own making form the basis of Alexandra Lethbridge’s research-based practice. Drawing upon a range of references and source material, she combines scientific theories with fictional constructed images, bringing them together as a form of storytelling.



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Approaching image making in a playful and experimental way, her practice deliberately mixes fact and fiction to create expanded views of the subject matter she explores. Her work aims to challenge our preconceptions and considers the parallels between our own surroundings and our imaginations.



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Alexandra’s vision taps into something human and honest in the conception of the self and the relationship between human imagination and its physical surroundings.
Ambiguity in her imagery represents her quest to experience the unique or unusual, that which overshadows the familiar and the recognisable. Her series entitled ‘The Meteorite Hunter’, for example, focuses on finding the extraordinary in the everyday, where the meteorite becomes a metaphor for the fantastic hidden in the mundane. The work, presented as a collection of artefacts, presents a range of objects of which only one is an actual meteorite.
By combining factual and fictional works it encourages engagement and participation when the viewer becomes implicitly involved in the search for the meteorite. Following the journey of a fictitious hunter, the archive represents a search for origins and, revealing the otherwise overlooked, presents all objects as equal.



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Alexandra’s work has been exhibited widely with her recent exhibitions including Cork Photo Festival, Ireland, Christie's Auction House, London, Circulations Festival, Paris, Encontros de Imagem Festival, Portugal, Pingyao International Photography Festival, China and PhotoUKIndia, amongst others.
In 2014, she was shortlisted for the Paris Photo Aperture Foundation First PhotoBook Award for her first publication, The Meteorite Hunter and was awarded the Professional Choice winner of the Danny Wilson Memorial Award in association with Brighton Photo Fringe.
She was selected for Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed 2015, as well as being selected as a winner for Flash Forward Magenta Foundation 2015 and a finalist in the Renaissance Photography Prize 2015. She has also been shortlisted for The Anamorphosis Prize for The Meteorite Hunter, a publication that is now part of the MOMA's book collection. Most recently, she was the winner of the Denton’s Art Prize.



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Her work ‘Other Ways of Knowing’ is an exploration into the theatrical illusion of magic and misdirection, as opposed to criminal hoax, deceit and trickery. The pairing of these concepts visually aims to examine how our perceptions interpret and inform our understanding of information in different contexts.
There are eight methods: language, sense perception, emotion, reason, imagination, faith, intuition and memory.
Her series focuses on visual perception, adapting these methods by focusing on aesthetic judgement. The photographs play with our intuitive understanding of what we are seeing, asking us to judge for ourselves whether what we encounter is fact or fiction.



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After experimenting with installation as part of Alexandra’s art form, she aims to continue this development of her practice, with the inclusion of sculpture and objects in its presentation.
Working to push the boundaries of how photography can be received and, in turn, how that affects our understanding of what we’re looking at, Alexandra aims to explore photography outside of its two-dimensional form and create a fully immersive presentation of works.





The Guardian, 16th June 2015

Lethbridge hunts for meteorites, exploring the places they come from and where they land, and documenting the artifacts she has accumulated in her search.


HotShoe, 21st July 2015

Cosmology has been a keen interest of civilisations past and present, a practice that extends to times before recorded history. The ancient man most probably looked up at the skies and asked probing questions about space and our origins, a theme that still captivates us today, and where answers have not been found we’ve often resorted to using our imagination. ...


LensCulture, 14th July 2016

We discovered the work of Alexandra Lethbridge at the excellent Circulation(s) Festival—a Paris-based showcase of emerging photographic talents from across Europe. 

Managing editor Alexander Strecker sat down with Lethbridge during the opening week to find out more about her intriguing, enigmatic series, “The Meteorite Hunter.” ....


Phases Magazine, 12th April 2017

Other Ways of Knowing is an exploration into the theatrical illusion of magic and misdirection in comparison to ideas of criminal hoax, deceit and trickery. The pairing of these two concepts, visually aims to examine how our perceptions interpret and inform our understanding of information in different contexts through the employment of deceptive clues, false emphasis,





2013 – 2014 || MA Photography, Distinction, University of Brighton, UK

2010 – 2011 || One-Year Certificate Program, International Center of Photography,  NY

2006 – 2009 || BA Graphic Arts specialising in Photography, Winchester School of Art, UK



2016 || The Meteorite Hunter, Christie's Auction House, London, UK

2016 || The Meteorite Hunter, Cork Photo Festival, Blackrock Castle, UK



2016 || Red Herrings, showing Other Ways of Knowing, Gallery 40, Brighton Photo Fringe, UK

2016 || 6th Annual Zine & Self-Published Photo Book Fair, Baxter Street, New York, NY

2016 || Circulations Festival, The Meteorite Hunter, Paris

2015 || PHOTOUKINDIA, Origins, New Delhi, India.

2015 || Seeing is Believing, Encontros da Imagem, Group Show, Portugal, September

2015 || Beyond the Camera, Pingyao International Photography Festival, China, September

2015 || Mt. Figure, Unseen Photo Fair & Festival, Amsterdam

2015 || Fresh Faced + Wild Eyed, The Photographer's Gallery, London

2014 || The Meteorite Hunter, Book display, Fotografia Europea Festival, Reggio Emilia, Italy 

2014 || The Meteorite Hunter, Book display, Kijk:papers, Kessel, Germany

2014 || The Meteorite Hunter, Book display, Photo Book Melbourne Festival, Australia

2014 || The Meteorite Hunter, IMA Gallery, Toyko, Japan

2014 || The Meteorite Hunter, Book display, Offprint, Paris

2014 || The Meteorite Hunter, Book display, Paris Photo, Paris

2014 || Mythopoesis, One Eyed Jacks, Brighton Photo Fringe, UK

2014 || Night Contact, Brighton, UK

2014 || Open, The Center for Fine Art Photography, USA

2014 || Re:Search, One Eyed Jacks Gallery, UK

2011 || Picture Black Friday, Chelsea, NY

2011 || One If By Wanderlust, Conveyor Arts, 25CPW, NY

2001 || Capture and Release, The Rita K. Hillman Education Gallery, NY

2009 || Degree Exhibition, Winchester School of Art, UK



2014 || Publication | The Meterorite Hunter, Artist Book, UK

2016 || Shortlisted: Brighton Photo Fringe OPEN16, Other Ways of Knowing (winner to be announced)

2016 || Shortlisted: Dentons Art Prize, The Meteorite Hunter

2016 || Nominated: Magnum Photo & photoLondon Graduate Photographers Award

2015 || Selected: The Anamorphosis Prize 

2015 || Winner: Moscow International Photo Awards

2015 || Winner: Circulations Festival Open Call 

2015 || Shortlisted 30: Guernsey International Photography Competition

2015 || Finalist: Renaissance Photography Prize 2015, Getty Images

2015 || Selected: Fresh Faced & Wild Eyed, The Photographer Gallery

2015 || Winner: Flash Forward 2015, Magenta Foundation, UK

2015 || Nominated: Magnum Photo & PhotoLondon Graduate Photographers Award

2015 || Winner: FORMAT International Festival 2015 Clifton Cameras Prize, UK

2014 || Winner: Danny Wilson Memorial Professionals Choice Award, Brighton Photo Fringe, UK

2016 || In Conversation with Francesca Pinto, Christie's Auction House, London

2015 || Guest Lecturer, Winchester School of Art 

2015 || Soapbox talk, Miniclick, UK

2015 || Fresh Faced + Wild Eyed, The Photographers Gallery, London 

2015 || Panel discussion at Fotografia Europea Festival, Reggio Emilia, Italy 

2015 || Miniclick Guest Speaker, Pecha Kucha, UK

2014 || Mythopoesis panel discussion with Fergus Heron, One Eyed Jacks, UK

2014 || Miniclick Guest Speaker, Sketchbooks, UK