While we believe in the investment potential of our MTArt artists, we want to provide collectors with an impartial opinion on the best acquisition strategies. For this reason, MTArt has partnered up with AIB Art Advisory, a bespoke consultancy service geared towards leveraging emerging art. Whether assisting with your first purchase or working alongside collectors to find the right works to complement an existing collection, AIB's aim is to provide a personalised service that best meets the needs of each collector.


Giving collectors unparalleled access to the art world while introducing them to key art historical concepts and current market trends, AIB works with every client to cultivate and refine their own critical, informed and distinctive appreciation of art. Drawing from their extensive academic and professional background, AIB is uniquely poised to identify both established and emerging artists and trends, as well as sound purchases and good market opportunities.


We are proud to announce that AIB will be running our Collector Programme. It provides new and established collectors with an insight into the art world. AIB’s curated behind-the-scenes events aim to change the way people interact with art. Drawing on specialist contemporary art knowledge and experience, the bespoke tours will give you unparalleled access and introduce you to key galleries, museums, art spaces and artists’ studios in London.


It includes access to our bi-monthly collector dinners, exhibitions, private collections, art fairs, auction previews, gallery openings, as well as exclusive curator-led tours and private audiences with inspiring guest speakers.








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