“A breath of fresh air for the art market in 2016”
Happening Media

“A breath of fresh air for the art market in 2016”
Happening Media

MTArt is an artist agency and artist fund. We both manage and invest in a select group of artists.


How do we manage our artists? 

At MTArt we specialise in career accelerationMTArt artists are given access to a team of experts in PR, content strategy, visual identity and business advice. They receive personal, logistical, legal and financial support and access to a valuable network. 


How do we invest in them? 

MTArt supports artist costs according to particular need. We cover studio, production and assistant expenses. 


Who are our artists? 

Artists are selected by the MTArt team and MTArt board, comprised of specialists each with a minimum of 20 years collecting fine art. The process is based on strict criteria and reflects the esteem they accord to our artists and the high calibre of their works. MTArt artists must not only present remarkable technique and execution but must also ground their work on strong content and clear visions.


Does it work? 

MTArt artists have benefitted from increased sales, augmented press mentions, inclusion in museum and institution collections, sponsorship deals, academic recognition, brand collaboration and participation in exclusive events.


Who do we work with? 

We believe that artists add value across sectors. All projects we execute are highly tailored and carefully aligned. Collectors, investors and partners are exposed to a model built on sustainability, growth and success: they buy into the vision of our artists. MTArt collaborates to create stimulating and engaging art projects through an inclusive, diverse and global platform. 



Pre-empting current changes in the art market, our model was designed as artist-centric: to create opportunities and enable creative autonomy. Our artists are not constrained by trends, commerce and financial pressure. 

They are able to concentrate on advancing and accelerating the long-term impactvisibility and success of their work.